Today I made a simple & easy side dish from a mashed potatoes left from  last night ..
                I toke out  the mashed potatoes from the refrigerator , I added one egg           
                        you need to double the number of   eggs  every time you use more of the mashed potatoes …..

                                      I added   some off  chopped garlic, chopped onions, chopped  parsley salt , black  pepper,cheese(any kind) I used  parmigiano cheese ( not sure of the spelling  : / ) , & good amount of  bread crumbs, I mixed it all  very well with a fork ..

              if you add cheese , make sure you don’t add salt

       the lesser the salt ,the better the health                       

 make sure that you add enough bread crumbs to the mixture ,you need it to be thick so it doesn’t stick to your hands while working with it …
I worked  the mixture into small patties …
Put them on a foil sheet.
 the foil or the cooking sheets prevents  the patties from sticking & keeps my plate clean , I don’t want to wash so much dishes  ..
I toasted the patties in (sameed) or Semolina a type of flower,very popular in libya , & the middle east , used to make  sweats & other arabic dishes such like (coscos)
  you can use bread crumbs , or flower , to make the patties crunchy & also to prevent it from absorbing so much oil .
I fried them in corn oil , not deep frying , you can also put them on a cookies sheet and cook them inside the oven instead of frying them.
Few minutes later & I mean few !!  they were  slightly more than ready for eating   ^_^
 they look so yami ^_^ .
Nothing fancy about my dish , no garnishing , no decoration …
I like leaving thing   simple , focusing on the core ..
Lately I have seen a lot of showing off on TV &  social media ,and I am going against it .
Simplicity is a choice  ..♡♡
I see you soon inchaALLAH  ♡♡♡♡ ..
Please leave me your comments below & if you tried this recipe please let me know ,, share it with your family & friends if you like  ..
All the best ….
Salam / peace .